Mambo Inn / Five Brothers (2015)

"Luxurious and stylish Latin jazz by five top American and Japanese musicians, supported by great technique. Sometimes intensely, sometimes gently, their music grabs us. An al-bum to spice up your life!" Orquesta de la Luz, NORA

Mambo Inn / Mambo Around The World (2013)

"Tremendous musicians with a feel-good groove. You feel the deep love for Latin jazz throughout." (Carlos Kanno, percussionist/producer)

Steve Sacks / Christmas Presence (2010)

"Steve's playing is thoughtful, soulful and inspired. Great listening for Christmas time or any other time of the year." (Tommy James, piano and musical director, Duke Ellington Orchestra)

"Wonderfully thoughtful arrangements, wonderfully developed by the performers. The richly varied contents of this work exude Steve's love and gentleness. Above and beyond what one expects from a Christmas album, this music resounds in the heart." (Carlos Kanno, leader, Nettai Jazz Orchestra)

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Four Colors / Four Colors Grace Notes Records (2008)

"All the beauty the flute has to offer...multiplied by four! Great playing, beautiful sound, perfect intonation and swinging arrangements add up to a flute-lover's must-have CD." --Jamie Baum, flutist and composer
"Good news for flute lovers! The musical sense of top flutists Rie Akagi, Shinpei Inoue, Yuka Kido and Steve Sacks is packed into this album, which elegantly presents the profound attractiveness of the flute. An album to add color to your life style, and to fill your heart."--Ad Lib magazine

Mineral / Minaswing Long Happiness Records (2005)

"Built on the foundation of the great variety of Brazilian music, yet its freedom, imagination and positive energy can't be contained in a box. It will make you feel happy, and also saudade (longing). " --Satoru Shionoya, pianist

Beautiful Horizon / Minaswing  (2003)

"To my good friends in Minaswing: A voice singing a beautiful song,
wrapped in many-colored sound, and within me a new treasure is formed.
Bringing this feeling to us all...this magnificent feeling..." A big kiss,
Lisa Ono
Look To The Sky  IAM Records (2002)
"Thoughtfully made, with a simple and beautiful imagination. In other words, a prayer. May this CD reach many people's hearts." --Gonzalez Suzuki, producer, Soul Bossa Trio
"Overflowing with love for New York...made by one who knows the true power of music." --Daisaku Kume, composer, pianist and recording artist
First Dream  AMJ Records (1999)
"The album mesmerizes...a perfect example of Brazilian instrumental music spiced up with haunting vocals." --Egidio Leitao, "Luna Kafe" website

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