Dear Friends,

Life as a musician looks like (and is) fun, but it is also serious business. In fact, composer and producer Charlie Peacock tells us to "take it seriously—at the same level of seriousness you hope surgeons and airline pilots take their work." At the same time, author C.S. Lewis reminds us that "the eternal things in this world are neither symphonies, sculptures nor architecture, but the people beside us on the bus."

The greatest challenge of being a musician is to value the people around me even more than the music I make for them. And it’s when I succeed that music, and the times I spend with people like you, are the most fun!

This month’s "serious fun" happens on May 10 with Carlos Kanno's "Sings and Plays" project, and Jonathan Katz's "Tokyo Little Band" on May 19. See you there!

Yours, Steve

If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. (I Corinthians 13:1)

Steve Sacks Live Schedule May 2017
5/10 (Wed) Carlos Kanno Sings & Plays

Carlos Kanno (perc/vocal) Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Masaru Okuyama (piano) Kiichirou Comobuchi (bass) Kenta Okamoto (drums) Keystone Club Tokyo 7‐4‐12 Roppongi, Jasmine Bldg. 2F Tel. (03) 6721-1723  two sets from 19h30

5/19 (Fri) Tokyo Little Band

Jonathan Katz (piano) Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Yoshiro Okazaki (trumpet) Andy Wulf (sax) Daiki Yasukagawa (bass) Gaku Hasegawa (drums) Andrea Hopkins (vocal)  Satin Doll  Green Bldg. 5/F, 6-1-8 Roppongi Tel. (03) 3401-3080 two sets from 19h30

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June 2017
6/19 (Mon) Kazuhiko Michishita/Kana Kurose Group

Kazuhiko Michishita (guitar) Kana Kurose (organ) Steve Sacks (sax) (drums)  荻Ogikubo Rooster 5-16-15 Ogikubo Tel. (03) 5347-7369 open 19h start 20h

6/27 (Tu) Hiroko Miyano Special Trio

Hiroko Miyano (piano) Steve Sacks (sax/flute) TatsuyaTsuyuki (guitar) Tribeca Atre Shinagawa Bldg. 4/F, 3-18-1 Konan Minato-ku Tel. (03) 6717-0933 three sets from19h

6/29 (Thu) Mambo Inn Live at Sometime

Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Jonathan Katz (piano) Hiroyasu Itoh (bass) Hideki Sato (congas) Yoshiro Suzuki (timbales) Sometime 1-11-31 Kichijoji Honmachi B1F Tel. (0422) 21-6336 two sets from 19h30\\

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July 2017
7/5 (Wed) Banda Mandacarinho CD Release Show

B-Flat Akasaka Sakae Bldg. B1, 6-6-4 Akasaka Tel. (03) 5563-2563 two sets from 19h30

7/21 (Fri) Brazilian Jazz at Praca 11

Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Kana Kurose (organ) Kazuhiko Michishita (guitar) Masayuki Kume (drums) Praca 11 3-5-2 B/1 Kita-aoyama Tel. (03) 3405-8015 two sets from 19h30

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