Dear Friends,

October has arrived, bringing with it the post-season of Major League Baseball. From the wild-card games to the World Series, it's winning and losing which will determine the world champion. The glory goes to the winners, while all the losers get is an early winter vacation.

How different from God's way. He was willing to lose his very own son, Jesus Christ, in order to set us free, and win us for himself, to love us unconditionally. Whether we win or lose at baseball, or at life, what better news for all of us?

Speaking of good news, on October 17 I'm turning 64, but it's not the post-season for me yet—I'm still in spring training! I will celebrate with Mambo Inn and special guests at Shibuya's elegant JZ Brat. Hoping you can come cheer us on!

Yours, Steve

[Jesus] humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name. (Philippians 2:8-9)

Steve Sacks Live Schedule October 2017
10/1 (Sun) Mambo Inn in Tsu-city

Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Jonathan Katz (piano) Hiroyasu Itoh (bass) special guest (congas) Yoshiro Suzuki (timbales) Tsu Also Sprach Zarathustra 26-1 Higashi-marunouchi eibee bldg.2/F Tel. (059) 273-6777 18h open 19h start

10/8 (Sun) The Chapel of Adoration Jazz Concert

Steve Sacks (sax) Simon Cosgrove (piano)  The Chapel of Adoration 1-16-28 Niida, Ichikawa-city Tel. (047) 322-2676  free admission

10/15 (Sun) "Anything Goes" New York-Tokyo Collaboration Concert

Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Aya Esther Hayashi (flute/vocal), Diana Chen (cello), Abi Lowther (piano) Grace City Church Tokyo KDDI Hall 1-8-1 Otemachi, KDDI Otemachi Bldg. 2/F (near Otemachi Station Exit C1) start 16h free admission

10/17 (Tu) Mambo Inn Steve Sacks Birthday Celebration Show

Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Jonathan Katz (piano) Hiroyasu Itoh (bass) Hideki Satoh (congas) Yoshiro Suzuki (timbales) special guests: Yuu Uesugi (trombone) Andrea Hopkins (vocal) JZ Brat Shibuya Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka Tel. (03) 5728-0168 shows at19h30 & 21h

10/29 (Sun) Satsuki Iida Chapel Jazz Concert

Satsuki Iida (vocal) Shigeru Morishita (piano) Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Ogose Church 950 Ogose, Ogose-cho Iruma-City Tel. (049) 292-7447 14h start

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November 2017
11/5 (Sun) Seibo Church Jazz Concert

Steve Sacks (sax) Yutaka Shiina (piano) Seibo Christ Church 3-37-1 Ichikawa, Ichikawa-city Tel. (047) 321-3343 14h open 14h30 start

11/8 (Wed) Carlos Kanno Sings and Plays

Carlos Kanno (percussion/vocal) Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Kenta Okamoto (drums) and others

11/15 (Wed) Flute Super Session

Steve Sacks, Akemi Ohta、Makiyo Sakai、Seiji Tada (flutes) Yuki Arimasa (piano) Mark Tourian (bass) Juasa Kanoh (drums) Keystone Club Tokyo 7-4-12 Roppongi, Jasmine Bldg. 2/F  open 18h30 start 20h two sets

11/24 (Fri) Ritsuko Endoh at Ginza Swing

Ritsuko Endoh (pno) Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Masaaki Ikeda (tbn) Masahiro Sawada (bass) Tsuyoshi Nakazawa (drums) Ginza Swing 2-2-2 Nishi Ginza Ginza Inz 2F Tel. (03) 3563-3757 two sets from 19h 

11/25 (Fri) "Autumn Samba" Brazilian Jazz

Steve Sacks (sax/flute) Kazuhiko Michishita (guitar) Kana Kurose (organ) Masayuki Kume (drums) Praca Onze 3-5-2 Kita-aoyama B1 Tel. (03) 3405-8015 two sets from 19h30

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December 2017
12/1 (Fri) Tokyo Big Band at B-Flat
12/2 (Sat) Kashiwa City Christmas

Jun Sasaki (pno, vocal) Shizuka Sasaki (vocal) Steve Sacks (sax) and others
12/8 (Sat) Setagaya Chuo Church Christmas Concert

Steve Sacks (sax) Yutaka Shiina (pno) Daiki Yasukagawa (bass) Setagaya Chuo Church 1-14-22 Sakura-shinmachi Tel. (03) 3428-2388 18h start no admission charge

12/13 (Wed) Banda Mandacarinho
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